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2014 Ryder Cup - Registration

Everyone who wishes to purchase a ticket for The 2014 Ryder Cup must register and upload a digital photograph of themselves, including juniors. The lower age limit for attendance is 5 years of age (birth date on or before 22nd September 2009). Strictly no admittance will be given to babes-in-arms and children under 5 years of age.

You must pay close attention to the registration rules, in particular, the guidelines for the photograph. Failure to follow the registration instructions correctly will lead to rejection and may result in you not being able to access the ticket sales website.

You will be notified within 48 hours via email if your registration has been approved or rejected.


If you have not received an approval email, you can check the status of your registration here:

Registration status check

Photo Guidelines

Two examples of acceptable photographs Ideal photos

The photograph you upload must be taken in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • In sharp focus and clear (no blurry images)
  • In colour (no black and white images)
  • Taken against a clear, light coloured background (with a strong definition between the face and the background)
  • Portrait image, facing forward, looking straight at the camera
  • Eyes open and clearly visible (e.g. no sunglasses or tinted spectacles, no hair across the eyes or face)
  • A neutral expression with the mouth closed (e.g. no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  • One person only (with no objects or other people visible, in whole or in part)
  • Nothing covering the face
  • No head covering (unless worn for religious or medical reasons)

What kind of photographs are unacceptable?

Examples of unacceptable photographs No hats Photo contains more than one person Facial features covered Too far Too close Busy background Eyes must be clearly visible

Note: Registration does not guarantee you a ticket. You will need your registration number and email address to purchase tickets.

For more information visit the ticket information page.

Step 1 - Select a photograph to upload from your computer

Uploading photo